Guiding Our Faith

"I have been chosen to lead a most amazing group--The Padre Pio Prayer Group of Cleveland Ohio. It is a privilege and honor to be chosen to be the leader of this devoted Saint's journey. His works on earth, and his dedication to the Blessed Sacrament and Our Lady of Fatima are the epitome of his sainthood. I have met many wonderful people through this group and every day brings another story to share. 'God Occurrences', as Fr. Ed Janoch, our Spiritual Editor, calls them, happen all the time if we are attentive and listen and watch for the Lord's hand in our lives, just as Padre Pio did. I ask you to come share in this Spirit-filled adventure with our group on the First Saturday of each month. It is an experience you won't soon forget ... it may even change your life!"

-- Cindy Russo TOF, Group Leader

Disciples of Padre Pio

"Padre Pio's disciples are His spiritual children who want to give special witness to faith in their lives. They then become those who help the Holy One in His evangelization of the New Millennium. In time, they may also form a new ecclesiastical institution with chaplains who coordinate them and give them a more adequate training for responding to this important responsibility and mission in the Church of God."

-- Luigi Accept, Apostolic Nuncio (Rome, 16.05.2004)

(translated text)

Congratulations to Cindy Russo on being named the U.S. Representative for the Disciples of Padre Pio.

Meeting with Irene Gaeta in Italy (September 2016)

Meeting with Irene Gaeta in Italy (September 2016)

Irene Gaeta, leader of the Disciples of Padre Pio, on Italian TV on 01 November 2016